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[Specialty and Personalized Writing Services]



We provide top-notch quality articles, e-books, and web content for both business and personal needs, along with great customer support - a combination that cannot be beat! We strive to provide the content that is based on your needs, your topics, and your ideas.


Graphics and photos are limited, but can be implemented with the use of word and pdf formats if you would like. Graphic e-book covers are to be discussed on a case by case basis. Generally, you would fare better if you would create your own, or contact a graphic designer to produce e-book covers for the highest professional presentations, remember, Lewis Writing Services is a specialized and professional writing service, with limited skills in graphic design areas.


We are committed to our clients. Through our commitment, experience, and growing expertise, Lewis Writing has established a business relationship with customers that last, in a global setting!


Cheryl Lewis, is a freelance writer striving to meet the expectations of each individual client through dedicated hours of writing to produce the final content that you will be proud to utilize for yourself or for the presentation of your business.


Specializing in article writing, descriptive andinformational writing, Cheryl completes each project as if it were for her own presentation use professional. As a freelance writer, she is easily contacted through email for the fastest answers about your personal project requirements.  


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Email Cheryl today at hanlonlewis@att.net